Mother T Says….. It Busy at VC!


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Well my darlings rumour has it Rome is busy, you can’t get a cab anywhere as the boys in frocks are in town!

Why? Well a decision has to be made! Who will be the next Pope?

Not a set of heels in sight!

Lets watch and wait!



What do you do when your partner asks, are you enjoying this?


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Four years ago my partner got out of bed, it was 1am in the morning, walked into our kitchen, looked at me slumped over my lap top and said, if you are enjoying this (meaning working till 1-2am I) then I will continue to support you, we will change our lives for you to do this, change what we do as a family to make it work for you and us. But I think it is making you miserable, I don’t need you to answer now, I just ask you to think about what is going to make you happy…….

This was the start of my journey, crying for 36 miles, heart surgery, survival, departures, sadness, happiness changing.

What happened next?

well I will tell you, next time,

Big Lurve,


A Boys Story- Inspirational! Part 2


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Yay………….Arash has been featured in the Huff Post!

His story was covered within a story, so within a week we have achieved so much to get Arash story covered and the American health care system featured.

Girls keep it up, contact The Huff. The Times – make contact with Melanie Reid who has a weekly column called Spinal Column!

Big shout out to the girls- get blogging contacting!

big shout out to Arash, thank you for the thank you, no need we love your story!

big hugs


A Boys Story – Inspirational! Part One


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I have never met Arash, but I have cared for people who have suffered spinal injuries.

Arash is 30, calls home San Francisco and on the 8th July 2012 he fell and suffered a spinal injury. He is blogging about this his recovery, the physical, psychological and spiritual rehab journey he is on and it’s inspirational!

Please read his story, follow his blog, raise the profile of him and the awful American health care system.

I have this evening contacted Huffington Post, USA and asked them to cover his story, give him a regular column so he can tell his story and reveal how horrid the health care system is.

His blog is Arash Recovery here on word press, go on girls – tis your cross the pond call to action,


Body Functions?


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We at Divine Secrets have decided to raise the profile of our bodies.
Why well….unlike the popular press it is still always was important to us, but the popular media for women has a focus on the under 39ers, well with the exception on Women and Home magazine.
I am interested in how I look, feel, think and perform.
I want to be the best I can be and want to know how I can do that.
I want to know if other women do too…
I want to know if other women get excited about their bodies,minds and how they work over 39.
What are you doing to keep the body functioning?
Oh yes and we will discuss sex and dry vagina’s – fact or fiction?
We want this to be the place you come to share and ask those questions,
Join us……

Who am I? Journey News…..


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Ok so what happened next ?
I did all the stuff that led me to make those recommendations last week. Am I happier than I was? Yes! Do I know where I am going? Not exactly but know I am on the right road. How do I know this?
Well my heart and head tell me so, my man and kids tell me how lovely I am looking and sounding. I laugh, lots.

I am working hard at doing the things I love, avoiding the ¬†things that I don’t and its working as the good stuff keeps knocking at my door, mobile, email and at the bus stop!

This does not stop my worries, or glancing in the rear view mirror but I am pleased to say that I look in the rear view mirror less and less. I worry still too but not about my direction more about me and my big idea coming to life.

Energy up – I am a woman of a certain age and loving it!
Big Lurve 39ers